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Triggering the arb on E4438C

Question asked by reesebo on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2013 by PYong

I am using the IVI driver and writing c# for my E4438C VSG.  I am currently able to trigger a burst waveform (~500ms) from the ARB, but in order to get it to function, I enable the RF, send the software trigger, sleep in software for 500ms and then disable the rf.  Is there a way for the trigger to disable the rf after the burst is complete (all samples are transmitted) rather than to sleep?

I tried to just keep the RF on, but there is continuous energy transmitted from the VSG when it is idle that my application can not tolerate, so I am using the RF on/off.



------- code fragment

                IIviRFSigGen drvr = (IIviRFSigGen)driver;
                drvr.DigitalModulation.Arb.TriggerSource = IviRFSigGenArbTriggerSourceEnum.IviRFSigGenArbTriggerSourceSoftware;
                drvr.DigitalModulation.Arb.SelectedWaveform = arbfile;
                drvr.RF.Frequency = xmtFrequency;      // set frequency 
                drvr.RF.Level = xmtPower;            // set level (dBm)

                drvr.IQ.Source = IviRFSigGenIQSourceEnum.IviRFSigGenIQSourceArbGenerator;
                drvr.IQ.Enabled = true;
               drvr.RF.OutputEnabled = true;
                Thread.Sleep(500);  // wait for burst to transnmit
                driver.RF.OutputEnabled = false;