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how to calibrate N9925a using 85052C kits?

Question asked by chirsmc on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by kenwong
We have a  N9925a FieldFox Network Analyzer and calibration result seems to be good while using 1m electric wire (3.5mm port) .I operate like this:
1. Press 'measure' button and change to 's21'
2. 'BW' -----  1khz
3. 'measure set up' --------start Frq 1GHz    stop Frq 6GHZ
4.'cal' -------------quickcal
   step1 --------measure
   step4---------using 85052c kit to connect port 1 to port 2.
5. while examining cal result,i connect OPEN kit (from 85052C ) to port 1,change the measure to s11 ,and check the smith chart.

It works well,when i use 1m wire. While using 6m's, the result is bad.

So i want to use the mechanical cal, but there is't have the option '85052c'. And i tried DataLink to edit a new CalKit, but i can't find the file '85052c.xml'. Is there anyone has experience in this field?