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How can I get Genesys to accept Infineon Level 0 MOSFET model

Question asked by etroy on Sep 15, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by wrivas
I am trying to use a model for an Infineon IPW60R125CP device. Infineon publishes Level 0, Level 1, and Level 3 models for these devices. I realize that I cannot use anything other than the level 0 model because others use a coolmos model which involves functions which, unfortunately, are not supported in Genesys. (Hopefully they will soon be supported!!) Anyway, when I try to load the Level 0 model, I get error messages related to Level. I know that Genesys should support this model, because it supports level 3 MOSFETs,  but I can't figure out how to revise the published level 0 Spice model to get it to work properly. Here is the published model. What do I have to change to get it to work with Genesys? (I know I have to reverse pins  1 and 2).


.SUBCKT IPW60R125CP_L0  drain  gate  source

Lg     gate  g1    8n
Ld     drain d1    3n
Ls     source s1   8n
Rs      s1    s2   2m

Rg     g1    g2     2.1
M1      d2    g2    s2    s2    DMOS    L=1u   W=1u
.MODEL DMOS MOS3_NMOS ( KP= 40.755  VTO=3.85  THETA=0  VMAX=1.5e5  ETA=0  LEVEL=3)
Rd     d2    d1a    0.093 TC=13m
.MODEL MVDR NMOS (KP=98.67 VTO=-1   LAMBDA=0.15)
Mr d1 d2a d1a d1a MVDR W=1u L=1u
Rx d2a d1a 1m
Cds1 s2 d2 70.8p
Dbd     s2    d2    Dbt
.MODEL     Dbt    D(BV=600   M=0.85  CJO=32.18n  VJ=0.5V)
Dbody   s2   21    DBODY
.MODEL DBODY  D(IS=15.2p  N=1.08  RS=6u  EG=1.12  TT=750n)
Rdiode  d1  21    4.66m TC=6m

.MODEL   sw    MOS1_NMOS(VTO=0  KP=10   LEVEL=1)
Maux      g2   c    a    a   sw
Maux2     b    d    g2    g2   sw
Eaux      c    a    d2    g2   1
Eaux2     d    g2   d2    g2   -1
Cox       b    d2   1.99n
.MODEL     DGD    D(M=1   CJO=1.99n   VJ=0.5)
Rpar      b    d2   1Meg
Dgd       a    d2   DGD
Rpar2     d2   a    10Meg
Cgs     g2    s2    2.47n