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E4418B Power meter Remote Mesurments

Question asked by ramin on Jul 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2013 by tsilchia001
I tried to configure E4418B power meter in remote operation mode (RS232/RS422 interface). I sent few couple of commands which are given in hte programming guide of  E4418B.

unfortunately the configuration not getting done. For example I have manually configured power meter for RS232 port and sent command "SYST:REM" for switching power meter into Remote operations mode. Whenever I sent SYST:REM, power meter display indicated "RX" for a while and not getting in to RMT mode. 
I would be nice if any one suggest any idea for turning power meter into RMT mode. Just all I need to configure remote mode and need to read the power levels through RS232/RS422.

Thanks in advance!