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Agilent DMM Connection Utility problem

Question asked by amund on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2013 by amund
I have been using the Connection Utility for about a week now and its a perfect match for my project. Unfortunately, the program the program will no longer launch on my computer! At start up I get an error message (Fatal error) saying "-64 is not a valid value for the property Width" followed by the stacktrace in the attached image. I have tried removing all agilent software, rebooting the computer and installing the programs again, but the same error message is still there. The same message appears both when my 34410A DMM is connected and when its not. I'm running on windows 7. Can anybody at Agilent help me with this problem? I guess there must be some kind of property or registry on the PC that is not cleaned after uninstall. The program was working perfectly until the crash and I have much use for this program on my current project.