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Pulsed Tones - sine wave in the connected file

Question asked by patricia.stahn on Sep 11, 2013
Dear list, 

I built my arb file (pulsed tones, rectangle with edges and a sine wave inside ;-) ) in Matlab by using this code

t=0:1/fs:0.533;  % fs=sample freq, usually set to 200000
             edge1=(-80 +(1/0.005)*t).*(t>.400 & t<(0.005+.400));
             rect=1.*(t<=(0.095+.400)&(t>=(0.005+ 0.400)));
             edge2=(100+(-1/0.005)*t).*((t>(.095 + 0.400)) & (t<(0.100+0.400))) ;
             nix2 =0.*(t>=(.100 + 0.400));
             Signal1=edge1+rect+edge2 + nix1 + nix2;
             Signal=sin(2*pi*freq*t).*Signal1;  %freq = Frequency between 1000 and 40000 Hz, selected manually before each run)


If I plot the signal it looks as it should (one period). But when I transfer it to the AGILENT 33500B waveform generator (by using a modified version of the arbTo3500.m file created by Neil Forcier), I get some pretty strange results: 

The single parts of the connected periodic signal produced by the Waveform Generator grow and descent like a periodic sine wave, depending on the sinus frequency I choose. 
So, where is my misconception ? 

Thanks a lot in advance

Patricia Stahn

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