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Amplifier transient simulation with Data Item (voltage amplification?)

Question asked by johnlack on Aug 26, 2013
Dear community, 
       I need to simulate an amplifier from (CMA-63); so, as for other devices, I've downloaded the S-Parameters, and uploaded them on the 2 port Data Item (S2P file). The gain should be 20dB, and Harmonic Balance represents it: from about -20dBm it goes to -1dBm. But with Transient Simulation the voltage seems almost unchanged after that (it also drops a little bit). This is strange: isn't the power=(voltage^2)/R; (R=50 ohm); so shouldn't the voltage increase about 10 times? Am I forgetting something? 
The transmisssion parameters (S21) values are around 20, (big) which is normal for amplifier.
(The attached file shows the simulation results)

As always, thank you in advance for your interest.

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