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How to capture more than four measurements?

Question asked by pst_hw on Jun 29, 2014
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My question is the following: Is there a way to make measurements from scope collected data in BenchVue (or perhaps another software) like there is on the scope itself (I am using Infiniivision MSO-X 3024A)?I can only capture four measurements, but sometimes that is not enough. 
I would like to know if there is a software that simulates this analysis on PC and allows me to make 5-10 or more measurements per image.
I usually don´t process a lot of samples, in most cases  just one, but I need all different kinds of information, (rise time, delay, phase, min, max,... and on multiple channels it exceeds four measurements quickly). I would like to be able to capture the instance I wish to measure only once and have all my measurement data  with that one image, and not have to change my measurements settings (first four, second  four, etc.)

Sorry for the long post :(

Thank you.

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