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datalogger pro, event triggering, 34907A multipurpose module.

Question asked by rl on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by tomc
Trying to set up an event-triggered loop between two scans.  The trigger is written output byte, read output byte on the 34907 located in slot#3, occurring supposedly at the end of each scan, supposedly in the order of the cartridge and channel numbers. The same written data byte controls an external relay. The intention is that the relay be set up for the next (alternate) scan.

Using data logger pro in evaluation mode on Win7 enterprise edition, communicating via serial port only to 34970A frame, holding two 34901 and one 34907 modules. I couldn't use the GUI in datalogger 3 version to trigger an event - or control the external relay in sequential scans. If the pro version will do this, it might be worth paying for.

I get the first event trigger, switching to the second scan, but the second scan simply repeats, without an event being detected or acted upon, to return to the base scan. I expected these ports to be able to recognize each other without external pull-ups or the like, based on output spec/input spec. I don't know if they hold onto their programmed settings from a previous scan, when event-triggered to start another scan list.

As to RS232 communications - datalogger 3 would give communication error warnings, when communication was lost or timed out. Datalogger Pro just seems to freeze and dump any collected data from the scan. Neither of these occur during the attempt to event trigger the cycling scans.