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PNA or PNA-X upgrade path to 32bit windows 7 with no hardware upgrades?

Question asked by rok on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by jvall

I was contacted by my IT department to inquire whether Agilent has any software plan in place to allow the PNA or PNA-X with 32bit CPUs and Windows XP to be upgraded to the 32bit version of Windows 7, primarily because support/updates for Windows XP from Microsoft will cease on April 8,2014. I know there is a planned hardware upgrade for certain PNA-X's which will require changing the cpu to a 64bit processor and using a 64bit windows 7 operating system, but for those PNA systems which can't be hardware  upgraded via that path, I was wondering whether there is an alternative plan. Or what is Agilent is advising its existing customers of PNAs/PNA-Xs with Windows XP and no hardware upgrade path possible to do after this April 8, 2014 date.