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Digital ports in Power Analyzer (N6705B)

Question asked by farzad on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by MattC
I'm using a N6705B porwer analyzer to supply power for my device-under-test and then measure the power consumption.
Since I need to determine the start/finish time of my application, I need to use Digital ports (8-pin connector on back panel) and configure them as Digital In.
What I'm looking for is to show the waveform (signal) of Digital ports on the scope view along side with voltage/current/power signal. But I didn't find a way to accomplish it.
It would be nice even if I could use this Digital ports as the Trigger inputs. Actually, I can configure Digital ports as Trigger In, but that's not enough. Because in Data file logger menu, there is no option to set this ports as the trigger event, but just Run/Stop key or BNC or other options.
So, if we can neither see the digital port signals on scope, nor setting them as trigger events, what's their usage? they seem to be useless.
Any help is appreciated.