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34420A data acquisition

Question asked by onetalent on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by lhornburg
I am using 34420A nano volt/micro ohm meter to measure the real-time resistance of my samples. I use the command expert code of 34401A to control data acquisition because I cannot find other information about 34420A or any software support 34420A. My case is that I want to do large amount of tests continuously in a certain period of time. For now, I can achieve 1024 data points acquisition at most using one trigger and the inner memory of this device. While, my next step is to take much more measurements continuously and output them to a excel datasheet. So my question is how to programming (SCPI) the command to achieve like as many measurements as possible? How to realize continuous triggering and how to average the data measured per certain time? Thank you so much!