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8596E has 27dB drop at band 1 , not seen in YTF cal

Question asked by deninnh on Aug 23, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2013 by deninnh
This is an abbreviated version (sorry for the cross-post) of what I posted in the Miscellaneous forum.

An image is attached that shows a 27dB drop at the band 0 to band 1 transition (and the loss continues over the full analyzer range).  Shown is the comb filter output.

During YTF cal, as the comb spurs are used to tune cal parameters, this drop is not seen at all.

Can anyone explain why I see it in actual use and what the cause might be.  Is a different path used for calibration?  Is the mixer bypassed?  It looks like the input MUST go through the YTF so can I assume it is good?

The unit performs perfectly in all respects in band 0.

I did notice that the comb 100MHz was off by 600Hz so it was adjusted but with no effect.

ADDED:  I ran the internal self tests and all look good except for FM COIL DRIVE which is a flat line at spans of 10MHz and 11MHz.


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