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PNA-X Noise Figure Enviromental Temperature variation uncertainty

Question asked by rok on Jul 25, 2014
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I have yet another PNA-X noise figure question. 

We normally performed a PNA-X noise figure calibration and measurement around 75F. We recently had some environmental fluctuations in our lab, such that we were measuring noise figure at 82F. The noise figure readings for our Golden Unit were about 0.2dB lower than what we normally get, even though we are setting the temperature on a temperature plate for the DUT at the same 24.3C. (using standard receivers method) My question is whether Agilent has some sort of accuracy/variation spec for the PNA-X noise figure measurement (for both standard or hardware noise receiver type), based on deviation from calibrated environmental temperature. That would help my company decide how much tolerable environmental variation is allowable based on a desired uncertainty spec. (i.e. .05dB). Also, would placing fans around the PNA-X help in reducing the environmental temperature variation uncertainty on the noise figure measurement?


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