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Importing Data into EXA Signal Analyzer N9010A

Question asked by livin on Jul 25, 2014
I am trying to import a filtered signal from Labview into N9010A signal analyzer. Firstly i saved my signal in  .csv file  and copied it to a USB pen drive storage device. When i plugged the storage device into the signal analyzer and pressed recall-> data import->open-> and then selected the file to be opened, i got a message at the left bottom of the screen "filerecalled".

However i cannot see any signal in the screen, when i press auto tune. When i checked for errors under , system->show->errors, it shows "-250, mass storage error; "

Can someone please help in how to clear this error and get the signals back from the storage device  to signal analyzer.Also i wish to know the importing procedure that i used is right or not?.. 

I have attached the .csv file for reference. 
Thank you in advance,