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MSO-X 6004A - where is envelop detector function???

Question asked by mirek on Jun 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2014 by algoss
I am running demo unit of MSO-X 6004A  Oscilloscope.  
I am trying to perform simple switching time test on RF switch (rise time , fall time, on time, off time). In order to do so I  need to use physical envelop detector or used soft envelop detector function. Physical envelop detector is not practical and may add additional distortion. Does  MSO-X 6004A have soft envelop detector function? And where I can find that?

I am still using the old 54832B Oscilloscope, and biggest issue that I always had was that there is not soft envelop detector function in that unit.
The only solution was average to max function. The problem with average to max is that it waist a lot of resources and time (specially important in automated measurement).
I see that   MSO-X 6004A also have the average to max. Is that the only option to get envelop out of the modulated signal?