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DMM 34401A remote program to measure impedances problem

Question asked by sam001 on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by lhornburg
Hello all,
I am having a problem to find the correct commands to configure the DMM or to send to the DMM to measure impedances through 2 wires. 
The impedances I am measuring can different values from 0 ohms to about 50K ohms, it is working fine for low values impedances but for high impedances like higher than 15K ohms I am having problems to get the right value, I mean if I measure manually they give the right value and constant If I measure through remote program they give me different values, so I am not sure if the commands I am using are the right, I am just staring using remote programming on this DMM so I think I am not using the right commands.
Put probe in one component and send measure command
Move probe to another component and send measure command
I am really not sure which ranges are the impedances I am measuring so I can not send any specific range, so I would like to send autorange but the problem is that I am not sure if the command for autorange I am using is fine because I tried and the results are the same, the readings are not the same that measured manually, I am not sure if I should send any kind of delay for give the time to the DMM to get the right measurements or maybe another commands that I don't know.
Finally I would like to comment that the readings I see in the terminal are the same I see in the DMM display so I don't think is a problem with communication so I neither receive any kind of error in the DMM display.

Please help!