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HP 8590B with Option 1 Dead Battery

Question asked by kobus on Jan 19, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2014 by MikeM
My trusty HP 8590B memory backup battery died this week, thus killing all cal and configuration data. I replaced the battery but cannot get the Analyzer to run a self FREQ and AMPTD calibration with the default cal data.I use the instructions in the "8590 Series Analyzers Assembly-Level Repair" guide. 

I can successfully complete the FREQ Cal, but when I do the AMPL CAL I get the "RES BW AMPL FAIL" error. The "8590 Series Analyzers Assembly-Level Repair" guide then directs me to the "crystal and LC bandwidth filter adjustment procedures", which requires shorting out filters and making physical trimmer adjustments. Something I really don't want to do.....

So here is the question: If it was only the memory data that was lost why would I have to make physical adjustments. The analyzer was working perfectly, passing all the Confidence tests just prior to the battery failure. The reason for this error is, according to the manual, "During the CAL AMPTD routine, the insertion loss of a resolution bandwidth filter, relative to the amplitude of the 3 kHz resolution bandwidth filter, was greater than 2.2 dB." Is there a magic "-37hz" code that can override this? or maybe something else I can do?

I cannot store the cal data without passing the AMPTD CAL, so the device is useless to me.

I don't need a spec level calibrated instrument, so any help that can get me back up and running will be great.

supporting information:

Option 021 and Option 001 (75Ohm) is installed and the instrument wrongly reports is model 8591A #0 (The front panel says it is a 8590B 50 Ohm unit)


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