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34980A 4-wire negative resistance measures

Question asked by pacomon on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by tomc

We are using a 34980A multimeter with a 34922A 70chanel multiplexer to make 4-wire resistance measures.

We are getting some negative readings for the resistance measures. We are taking measures through a bed of nails fitxture so we use pins con connect the multimeter with the DUT.

We tried to connect all the 4 pins involved in the measures with a conductive piece of cupper but we get also a negative value. And if we decrese the temperature, the resistance becames positive.

I'm not sure of what should happen, but for sure, negative resistance is not possible.

Does anyone faced the same problem? I read in onother topic (+DMM Measuring negative value+) that it should be a firmware problem...

Thanks for your help.