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Intuilink Data Capture Add In for Excel 2007

Question asked by privateidaho on Sep 3, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by algoss
I have not been able to find an Add In for the Intuilink Data Capture when I browse to the X86 program file location for the Add In directory.  In Excel 2007 I go to options, then Add-Ins, Manage Add-ins, Go, Browse..., C: Program Files (x86), Agilent, Intuilink, Data Capture, Add_ins.  When I get to the folder it is empty.  I have a Windows 7 enterprise machine loaded with the connection libraries and data capture.  I can run data capture fine but would like to add a toolbar to Excel to make things a bit more compact.  Does anyone know of how to get a toolbar for Excel 2007 running under Windows 7 Enterprise?