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RF Power Meter IVI Driver Installation Issue

Question asked by jp on Aug 22, 2013
I'm looking for some help with an installation of the RF Power Meter IVI driver on my computer.  I have tried downloading and installing the driver several times and I get the same error message every time.  A colleague of mine was able to install the driver on his computer with the same specs and had no issue.  A screen shot of the error message is attached and there is no other information provided.  I get this message every time: 

*AgilentRFPowerMeter IVI Driver Setup Wizard ended prematurely* 

The computer specs are as follows: 
Window 7 (64 Bit) Service Pack 1   
IVI Shared Components 2,.2.1   
Windows Installer 9.8.001   
Microsoft XML 4.0 SP3   
VISA Shared Components 64-Bit   
NI-VISA 5.2.0   
NI-488.2 3.0.2 

I would appreciate any advice