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Question asked by andreas_h on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by Cynthia

I have to process testexec logfiles into an other database. With the tesetexec I'm able to create xml logfiles.
Is there a way to start processing date within the same testplan, where they are build?

I would like to build an action which get the path and filename of the created logfile. 
The path of the logdirectory is set in the option, no problem.
The name of the xml file is somhow a **** code. Is it somewhere available within the tesexec ?
Is ther a chance to add a dataprocessing step, wich will be executed after the resultdata is stored in the logfile?

Or even can I access the full resultstring/object by an action, before it will be stored?

By the way: I have found the suggestion in the helpfile, doing this  by modifing the userinterface. Since we start the testpan by a thirdpatrty application, we can not pass a userinterface by commanline parameter.

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