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Calibration when device has different connectors

Question asked by vladimir on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by ChengNing
I have a question.
We will need to measure S-parameters of 2-port and 3-port systems that will have different types of connectors simultaneously. Ports of the system will have 1.85, 2.4 and 2.92 mm connectors.
We are going to purchase N5224A network analyzer for this purpose. We are also going to purchase 2.4 mm mechanical calibration kit.

Parameters of our devices will also be controlled by our customer, which has  Agilent N4373C 67 GHz LNA with 1.85mm cables and Agilent N4694A module for calibration.

Do I understand correctly, that we also need to purchase 11904S Adapter Set(2.4 mm to 2.92 mm)
And then after performing calibration with 2.4 mm calibration set we will be able to somehow load adapter .A3 file into our VNA and it will compensate the presence of adapter between measured device and 2.4 mm connector of the cable on a particular port?

Will our customer be able to do the same with his VNA (E8361C which is the part of N4373C 67 GHz LNA)
After performing calibration with N4694A module
if we give him adapters and .A3 file?