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GPIB VISA:viEventHandler error (UNKNOWN CODE) -1073807280

Question asked by waxlion on Apr 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by waxlion
Following an update to Agilent IO Suite 16 (v16.3.17914.4) Update 2 our GPIB connected application is not responding to viEventHandler events BUT for only some users. 
Application was fine until recently, possible Windows Update changed a system DLL.
Added users to local Administrators group makes no difference.

When triggering device (EXT) to HP4278A the effected users get Error -1073807280 (hex FFFFFFFFBFFF0050) which is not listed in the VISA Error codes. It seems to recognize first trigger then stops. Our app doesnt seem to receive the data.

IO Monitor shows:

Time: <> GPIB:0:INSTR Agilent VISA VISA:viEventHandler[0x634dd510]
context in:uint32 259
eventType in:uint32 1073684491
status ref:uint32 -1073807280
userhandle in:uint32 112029376
vi in:unit32 1

followed by the first data handling Commands *SRE0,*CLS,DATA?

viInstallHandler and viEnableEvent handlers were previously called with no error.

I/F card is an NI GPIB-488 PCI, we are using Agilent VISA in overwrite mode (old NI VISA32 removed) 

ivi.VISA.Interopt.dll is dated 07-Oct-2013

Application is written in MS VS2010 C# .NET 3.5