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34907A Analog Output Voltage Offset

Question asked by mst on Apr 15, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2014 by mst

we are using an Agilent 34972A with the Multifunction Module 34907A and we want to control a Power Supply with the DAC output channel. The problem is, that the output channel has a voltage offset of about 10 mV. So even if we set an output voltage of 0 V, I can measure an output voltage of 10 mV with a multimeter.
That is way to much because we want to generate a voltage ramp which rises very slowly and the Power Supply only accepts voltages from 0...5 V.
I'm not even sure that this offset is constant, because right after starting the Agilent 34972A I measure an offset of almost 20 mV.

So is this a question of accuracy or can I compensate this offset somewhere? I already tried a factory reset, but the offset still exists on both output channels 04 and 05.

Thanks an best regards.