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Integration of ADS and EMProusing 3-D models directly from the circuit sim

Question asked by kaelly_farnham Employee on Jun 27, 2013
The integration of Agilent’s ADS and EMPro allows the manipulation of parameterized 3-D models directly from the circuit simulator to further improve design performance, and also enables engineers to simultaneously optimize linear and nonlinear aspects of their design.

This is important when designing nonlinear devices, such as mixers, where the designer wants to optimize RF, LO and IF return loss, LO isolation, conversion loss, and image rejection-all at the same time. This integration also benefits designers of passive devices, such as filters, splitters, isolators, and antennas. EMPro allows designers to visualize electromagnetic fields within passive devices to gain additional insights.

Millitech Inc. has long used Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) for nonlinear circuit simulation. Now it’s using ADS along with Agilent’s Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) for use in developing mixers, multipliers and various passive devices. Read more about Millitech’s story here.