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Custom time domain signal: from .csv file to .tim format

Question asked by johnlack on Aug 22, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by aehoward
Dear all,
        I need to simulate a circuit with a square signal; I've been given a .csv file with the voltage amplitude and time; thus, I understood that the signal source must be (probably) VtDataset (Time domain voltage source from Dataset). To do this I need to convert the the .csv file format to a .tim file format (but in truth they are text files, correct?). So I've separated the commas using excel, and then copied-and-pasted the values in place of the example .tim format given from the Agilent site:

#        T        ( SEC   V   R  50 )
%        t        voltage
1.7203e-006      0.000955931
1.7204e-006      0.00647092
1.7205e-006     -0.00279426

and saved it as a .txt file from windows.
Now, I've tried to use the Data File Tool to "read" it as a Dataset TIM MDIF file (which saved it as a .ds), and then I've tried to upload the saved dataset using DataAccessComponent (DAC). When I press "Edit" from DAC I can't see the text I've saved. Probably I've not been able to understand how to use the Data File tool.
Can you tell me how to upload correcly the datasets or, in general, how can I upload this signal into the Voltage time-domain source?

I've read the examples in Tutorial-->Amp1, and the "help" about DAC, DataFile tool, "Working with data files", ect., but I am not able to understand what isn't working. Thank you for your help,

Best Regards,