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How can I update firmware in an N9912A with a VERY old 3.06 release?

Question asked by drkirkby on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2014 by theamberco

I have an N9912A which does not belong to me - I am testing it for someone else. 

I'm pretty sure this instrument is faulty - see my thread here
Is this FieldFox faulty?


but the owner and seller want me to do a firmware upgrade to see if that fixes the problem - personally I don't think it will, but I will try. 

I downloaded the 7.27 firmware from

and I actually read the instructions at

which say

*1) Check the firmware release revision is A.04.00 or later. Press System (7), press Service Diagnostics, then press System Information. Confirm that the firmware revision is A.04.00 or later. Also check the time and date are set correctly.*

The problem is, this has firmware 3.06, so I can't use the 7.27 firmware to perform the upgrade. 

Is there a way of upgrading the 3.06 to at least version 4.00, then updating that later version to the latest? Or some other trick I can play? 

Assuming this gets upgraded, is there a way of reverting it back to the older 3.x? The reason I ask is that someone has bought this, and perhaps the seller would like it back in the same condition. Hence if possible I'd like to be able to reverse the firmware upgrade - assuming I can do it at all.