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HP 8566B troubles

Question asked by i1rrt on Dec 21, 2013
Hi and thanks to everybody.
I guess thath this is the most stupid problem caused by a most stupid error by me.
Tryng to clean the mother board of one of my loved 85662Ai desmantled the 3 big filter capacitors,
one of them i mounted with contrary polarity, as soon i put ON the condenser liquid exit from the body. and was into the 3 connectors of the A1A6, A1A7, A1A8 boards,
Now the Display section is working perfectly, after changing the polarity, (tried to one of my 5 8566B)
BUT the rf section does not work, the red leds remain ON and nothing appares on the CRT.
May some one help me to restore this fantastic machine??? (for complete information the serial number of the RF section is ABOVE 3000A)
Thanks for help and please comprend the stupid error.
Bobby I1RRT Italy.