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Momentum far-field cut out bug in ADS 2014

Question asked by tommes on Jul 11, 2014
I am simulating PCB antenna structures with momentum and far field extraction. Since ADS2014 the far field cut out feature to generate antenna diagrams for the gain and the directivity seem to have a bug. The 3D antenna pattern looks correct. But when I extract a cut out to a data display the gain and directivity cut outs are wrong. They form of the traces look ok but the values are a lot to high. But only the diagrams are wrong, the table with the gain_max and directivity values is correct.

The same error even seems to be in the help. On the "far fields" help page has the gain cut out diagram a maximum of above 17dBi and the written gain_max value is only 7dBi.

The error is new in ADS 2014. The same simulations in 2012 are correct.

Can anyone explain the new behaviour or confirm it as a bug?

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