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MSOX/DSOX 3000 high-resolution mode

Question asked by jason_s on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by algoss
Hi-res mode is my most important feature of an oscilloscope; I've been using it for years on Agilent and Tek scopes. I work with motors and it gives me a way to see the average voltage of PWM waveforms.

I have a MSOX3034A oscilloscope and I went to look at some 20kHz PWM waveforms (50us PWM period) today. I found, to my chagrin, that in order to get averaging over multiple PWM periods, I need to go to really long timescales. Here are the kSa/s readings I get on my scope:

- 1s/div (10s/sweep): 25kSa/s
- 500ms/div ( 5s/sweep): 50kSa/s
- 200ms/div ( 2s/sweep): 125kSa/s
- 100ms/div ( 1s/sweep): 250kSa/s

This tells me that in high-resolution mode, the scope uses an acquisition of 250K samples post-processed from the high-resolution averaging.

*Is there any way to reduce this number, so that for a given post-processing sample rate I can get a faster sweep rate?* I cannot find one. (Please tell me there is.)