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Port extensions with S2P file for matching in simulation software

Question asked by gk on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2013 by Dr_joel

I have a question regarding matching networks using an S2P block and S1P block from ENA 5071C.

I need to match an antenna with an LC network along a CPW line.  To dembed the cable I use the port extensions after using an ecal.  For the S1P file this is fine however for a S2P file it seems the smith chart reference is changed.  

The setup is like this: feed to cpw line to match to antenna

Here is the process I use.  From the antenna I get the S1P block with the port extensions on for port 1(with all lines going back to feed disconnected).

After this I measure the use port extensions for the CPW by putting a cable on the feed and at the match.  I short both sides and use an auto cal port extension for both ports.

Next I grab the S2P block after fixing the cable short and making it a thru transmission.

When I try to put this into a simulation tool the RL and smith chart do not match to what the real measurements are.  I am wondering if it is not correct to put both port extensions on for the S2P block?

Any and all help would be appreciated.



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