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Question asked by stepro on Sep 9, 2013

I'm trying to program the E3649A Dual Output Power Supply over RS232 with Visual Studio 2010 with C# on a Windows 7 machine.
I installed the Agilent IO Suite and the Agilent Command Expert tool.
For the implementation I try to use the IVI Driver Version for the Agilent E36xx familiy.

When I'm in the step-by-step debug mode nearly all functions will be executed without problems.
But when I execute a function to read current or voltage it crashes with a VI_ERROR_TMO.

var item = powerSupply.Outputs.get_Item(powerSupply.Outputs.get_Name(1));
double current = item.CurrentLimit;


current = item.Measure(AgilentE36xxMeasurementTypeEnum.AgilentE36xxMeasurementCurrent);
(same for voltage)

Applying voltage and current is no problem and it shows the values on the screen of the E3649A.
The next very... confusing thing:
When I try to run the test application it throws a VI_ERROR_TMO at the first function which sets something (connecting works).

Connecting without any problems:
AgilentE36xx powerSupply = new AgilentE36xx();
powerSupply.Initialize("ASRL1::INSTR", true, true);

My rs232 connection settings (in the Agilent IO Control and on the device):
Baudrate: 9600 (device)
DataBits: 8 (device)
Parity: None (device)
FlowControl: DTR/DSR (?)
StopBits: 2 (device)

I tried to set sleeping times in between all calls => same error
I tried to set the OPC flag => same behavior

(Beside: Is there a way to deactivate the beep on error?)

When you need an IO trace from the Agilent IO Monitor I could attach one.