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Help needed in designing a wideband 4 way wilkinson divider worknig betwee

Question asked by anumpirkani on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2013 by anumpirkani
I am designing a 4 way wilkinson on ADS for rojer duriod 2010.2LM.
material specs are as follows.
and i have calculated the length and width accordingly
It is wideband operating in frequency band of 5GHz-15GHz

ideally, i expect to get the forward transmission coefficients around 6.02, but i get a bit of variation in it. port 2 and 5 give me similar output whereas port 3 and 4 (inner ones) give me similar output but there is a difference between them.

After tuning, i have been able to reduce the gap to 0.124db...!!!

i have uploaded the project files, if any more tuning is possible, it will be a treat...!!!

thanks a lot