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Question asked by g.nied on Dec 12, 2002
> - are you currently using MATLAB with VEE?

No, we do not. Thats because there was no need for it.

> - do you think that repackaging VEE as we describe above is a good
> idea?

Yes. As was mentioned by others it would be good to have it as an
option. But if it would not be included into the developer version I
would not have the possibility to 'play around' with mathlab to see if I
could use it in further projects. So maybe there could be a 'free try
version' of mathlab in the developer and a mathlab option for the
runtime as a payable extra (yust an idea).

But let me say that I would not buy any new version of VEE if you do not
remove this lock between the software and the network interface! The
reason is simply that my customers have my VEE-Runtime solutions running
on a lot of PCs, with different hardware and instruments. If they have a
problem on one of their stations I have to debug my code on that pc. So
I must have a developer licence on alternating PCs only for the time of

        Georg Nied
Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne

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