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PNA-X N5242A Harmonics Measurement

Question asked by stanleysg on Dec 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2014 by Dr_joel
hi all, i am using N5242A option 080 for amplifier harmonics measurement. 

i am using Agilent application notes (attached in pdf) , the app note is using E8363A.B/N5230A as examples so the steps applied in N5242A is different. 

in fact, i have no problem to modify and adapt the procedures into N5242A except there is one message pop up that confuse me. Can anyone explain to me as this message is not really discussed or appeared in the app notes. ( as attached in jpg).

I elaborate the problem below:
Following A2 technique in the attached pdf, there are total 4 steps and problem actually appeared on step 3. 

After completing step 1 procedure, you will get the result as in 1.png. ( including receiver and source power calibration )

In step 2, we are asked to switch receiver 2 back to 1.4 to 2.8GHz, and we should see the “Cor” condition switch off. (attached Picture no2)

Finally in step 3, we are asked to turn the Receiver CAL on directly, rather doing an calibration, and the message “Step 3_ on receiver..jpg” appeared. If I click “ok” , you will see condition in picture no3.

i follow all the steps ( purposely excluded channel 3 ) since i am only interested in the first harmonics.

can anyone shed some lights on what Step3_onreceivecal.jpg message means and whether it's safe to proceed with the measurement?