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Infiniium 9000 single trigger

Question asked by atoner on Jun 30, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2013 by atoner
I have an MSO9104A running firmware 3.50. I am trying to use a single trigger on the rising edge of a waveform which ramps to 40V in about 100 ms. I am trying to automate data collection over GPIB. My problem is that sometimes the single trigger fails - I can see the trigger fire and display a waveform, but the screen then immediately goes blank and the trigger stays armed. If I cycle the DUT to ramp up again, I can successfully catch the next ramp, and the trigger disarms.

I know a first suggestion will be to upgrade to the latest firmware, but the release notes don't mention solving this issue. Rather, the latest firmware updates are more about new hardware and options. I'm typically wary to upgrade unless I need a known fix or new feather.

The problem occurs intermittently - sometimes I can go 10+ triggers without a problem, then have a problem on the next several triggers. It has occurred with GPIB programming and manually setting up the scope, although I've been able to try it a lot more with GPIB. I've tried rebooting the scope, changing the trigger level, changing channel bandwidth, and paring back my GPIB commands to the bare minimum. 

Here are the commands I'm sending over GPIB, with some delays sprinkled in during debugging. Adding delay doesn't seem to help.
:syst:head off
:chan1:disp on
:chan1:scal 10
:chan1:offs 30
:tim:ref cen
:tim:pos 80e-3
:tim:scal 20e-3
:trig:edge:slop pos
:trig:lev chan1,10
:trig:swe sing

This all seems to setup the scope correctly, but then occasionally I get the failed trigger.

I appreciate the help.