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8657B Late unit SA data

Question asked by tmiller11147 on Jul 19, 2014
Hello group,

I am working on a HP 8657B newer series unit that has a problem with the processor A13 board. Going through the board with a scope seems to show all the logic has valid levels, no stuck nodes.

On the 8657A service manuals there is detailed signature analysis data given but none in the 8657B manual. I do have the latest manuals from ArtekMedia and the Agilent site.

My questions are:

1. Is there a later service manual covering this unit S/N 3315U047xx ?

2. Is there any signature analyzer test data for the processor board?

I had access to a good unit that I borrowed the A13 board from (the early unit) and it makes this unit work ok. Unfortunatly I do not still have access to that.

On powerup, there are no errors reported. However, it takes a long time (30 seconds) to go through the boot process. there is also a several second delay in entering frequency and level data before it is displayed.

I put the unit in the Nop mode and all the address decoders have output pulses.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
Tom Miller