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Over writing old calibration with new calibration with same name?

Question asked by Schaffter on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by rok
Agilent N5230A PNA-L, 16 port configuration, using 11 ports to test a 4x4 beamformer. Initial set up of machine and cals and windows with 9 different channels for phases went great, no errors. Then did a new calibration after replacing some cables and using the exact same ports and number of ports. I saved the new calibration over the old calibration by selecting the existing calibration name when asked to save the cal. Then when I go to recall I get the message " Recalling Calsets Overwrite Duplicate Cancel, The calsets listed above will overwrite existing calsets. To continue press overwrite, To cancel this operation , press cancel". I accept overwrite, and it loads the state and cal, but the cal is the one before I did the new calibration which is wrong because the new cal I just did is what should be associated with the cal I am associating with this saved state and cal. So then I go and recall the new cal and all I see is CAL Register which is indicated by the date of the cal I just did and is the newest one but not with the name I saved it with, and the old cal appears with the name I thought I saved it but with the old cal date in the select cal windows. Shouldn't the old cal of the same name be updated to the new cal and time and date info?! Then I notice some of my phase graphs are way out. This state  I only used one cal for all the graphs and channels. So I go to try to select the new CAL Register which is the updated cal and its blanked out so I cant select it. I can select the old cal, but its the wrong date, and gives me the wrong info. Or is the old cal correct? But when I select the new Cal register and the old cal I can clearly see a difference.  Should I always save the new cal under a different name and then just save the cal and state with this new cal? How do I fix this?  I read that each cal has a genuine GUID, but this is an updated cal I want to use automatically with different states for different tests.  Thank you.