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VEE Syncronized DAQ via Chassis U2781 and two U2531A DAQ measurement card

Question asked by sébastien on Dec 4, 2013

Hello Everyone,

I coming here to you; because I need your help to make my VEE program work with the U2781 chassis and two U2531A DAQ measurement card.

As of today; I am using a modular chassis U2781 and two U2531A 2MHz Data Acquisition cards. However I am unable to fully syncronized both Data Acquisition cards (U2531A) using the U2781 chassis. As a matter of fact, Up to today, I was using "DAQ v Tools" pre-configured VEE User_Function, to acquire Data, Non-Syncronized, from both U2531A cards. However those configured User_Function do not allow Primary /  Secondary definition. 

I decided then, to restart from scratch and rebuild my program using only SCPI Language and VEE function, but I am coming onto an end at this point. 

This why, I am coming onto you regarding the following matter.

What approach do you recommend to solve this problem? 

Do happen to know, if there are pre-built programs out there for my needs?

I look forward you replies.

Thank you in advance.