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how does vce change RF and intermod of a RF bipolar transistor

Question asked by ml on Dec 4, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2014 by wrivas
currently i am using a bfg591 in 5-200MHz with 9V power supply and VCE=7.5V with Ic=70mA and a gain of 14dB (sometimes 10dB sometimes 16dB).
Output level is always two carriers at 116dBuV with intermod at -60dbc.
I'd like to decrease power consumption of our amplifier while keeping same good intermod.
Obvious solution is to use 7V instead of 9V power supply so VCE will be 5V instead of 7.5V currently.
Is there any rule about choice of VCE in a RF transistor ? (robustness, intermod, noise figure,...) ?

Is it worth to simulate spice parameters of bfg591 with lower vce in genesys ?

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