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vrf File transfer over GPIB

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 9, 2002

Dale Hauck,

The data type returned by the DriverLINX 4.0 READ function from the ActiveX
reference is VT_UI1 (unsigned char) which VEE should natively convert this
to Int32. I think the problem is in the VEE conversion. I have verified
that DriverLINX 4.0 READ() works flawlessly in Visual Basic 6.0 and I'm
attempting to avoid writing a wrapper function to import the READ() into

As for matching the data types I have not assigned the output to a variable
of any type. I'm just trying to see what is being returned from the READ()
from the output terminal. I did go ahead assign the READ functions output
to variable and also used the a "Formula" to format the function but got
the same error.


Dale Hauck <> on 12/09/2002 05:55:35 PM

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Subject:    RE: [vrf] Agilent VEE 5.0 and Keithley DriverLINX 4.0

Assume you have matched the data types? What is the data type?
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Subject: [vrf] Agilent VEE 5.0 and Keithley DriverLINX 4.0

After following the "Using the Direct I/O COM API of DriverLINX with
Agilent VEE 5.0" Application Note I am still having problem using
DriverLINX with VEE. I am using the KPCIPIO class to control a Keithley PCI
PIO-24 and when I attempt to read the port I get a Incompatible data error.
All the other functions in the class work without a problem except the READ
(). If you have tried using VEE 5.0 succesfully with DriverLINX please

(See attached file: HPVeeError.bmp)


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