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Using "User32.dll" and send keyboard function to CMD.exe windows in XP

Question asked by ryanlu0412 on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by ryanlu0412
Hi, all:

     I am using VEE pro 9.3 npw, and have a task that need to call a BAT file and then send keyboard number (like 1,2 or 3) to this CMD.exe (BAT) window. I have searched VRF topics about this and found I should import "User32.dll" to do that! 

     I have issue to do this because it need "handle" function to change input window from VEE to CMD windonw, then use "sendkey" function to do that! I have been sucked in this question about 1 months.

     Does anyone could give me a hand and show me some way to do this? Any example will be appreciated. Here is one example might be relative as attached. Thank you ~

Ryan Lu