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Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer THD+N measurements and uncertainty budgets

Question asked by maferra on Sep 2, 2013
Dear Agilent Users:

We have in our Laboratory a new Agilent U8903A Audio Analyzer and I'm trying to create an uncertainty budget (ISO 17025:2005) for the measurement of THD+N.

I can see from the specifications that the accuracy is ± 0.5dB to 20 kHz and ± 0.7dB to 100 kHz but there are also specifications for Residual distortion (< -101 dB) (and eventually others).

Apart from the THD+N accuracy and the measurement repeatability (we are using 10 readings), is there other uncertainty components that we should consider on the uncertainty budget?

I would also like to know if the specifications are stated for 95% or 99% confidence interval (or eventually other confidence interval). It seems I can’t find this information anywhere.

Thank you in advance and best regards.