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Launching GoldenGate from Cadence ADE

Question asked by r2c on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2013 by r2c

I gone through the manuals regarding the setup of GoldenGate and their integration with Cadence, but I have some problems.

I do have GoldenGate installed in its folder, after that I performed the following actions:

1) created *XPEDION* variable pointing to folder where GoldenGaste is installed

2) creating *XPEDION_CADENCE_VERSION* variable with value 615 (because Cadence version 6.15 is used)

3) I located the $CDS_INST_DIR/shared/cdssetup/setup.loc file and added the following line:

And of course the license is pointed to a server provided for licensing.

Now, in Cadence, I open one ADE cell, which I before used to simulate with Spectre, and I go ahead and select: Setup->Simulator->GoldenGate instead of Spectre, 
but once I press OK the whole thing just gets frozen and nothing happens.

I assume something was missed when the software was installed? Or maybe there was some specific error?
Or maybe I need to perform some more steps in order to integrate GoldenGate inside Cadence ADE?

The LOG file produced by Cadence is attached.
One thing I dont get is why is it looking for GoldenGate folder inside */home/soft/cadence/ic615/tools.lnx86/dfII/etc/tools/GoldenGate* folder?
GoldenGate is installed in its own completely separate folder which is pointed out by XPEDION variable, or am I missing something?