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vrf How to measure frequency

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 9, 2003
Hi, Shawn.

Actually, I care. Thanks for the explanation. Taught me some useful stuff.

But I can confirm that VEE does NOT support early binding.

Only late-binding, also known as IDispatch. A design decision made long ago when first implementing ActiveX support. Somewhat inefficient at runtime, yes, but VEE is more about efficiency of the engineer than about squeezing ultimate performance out of the computer. For ultimate performance, use assembly language (I miss those days sometimes!) or a great optimizing C compiler.

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> All -
> Here's the more efficient version of the Clipboard access
> library. There's
> no more _bstr_t references, thus no calls to malloc or it's ilk. The C
> run-time startup code has been eliminated, and look what
> happened to the
> size of the dll! It's less than half as large as before. A
> few extra lines
> of code dropped 34K from the size of the dll. That's
> incredible. There's a
> lesson here about code bloat that I hope many can see.
> More about VEE and IDispatch...
> I had this huge dissertation about COM, IDispatch and VEE all
> ready to go
> and then I realized that nobody cares. Suffice to say this: VEE uses
> IDispatch and therefore any and all access to ActiveX Automation is
> hiddeously inefficient. The VEE manual is at least misleading, at most
> downright wrong but more probably just confused on the point.
> That doesn't mean you shouldn't use Automation. It only means
> that you're
> sacrificing a lot of horsepower just so you can type one line
> of code in a
> formula box instead of importing and using a dll. You always
> pay a very
> large price for convenience, and since VEE is itself an
> interpreter running
> inside an emulator, there's precious little horsepower to spare.
> Look at this project as an example. Using MFC it produced a
> 24K Automation
> server that was dependent on the MFC runtimes. But MFC is
> really convenient
> and I know how to manipulate it. Using ATL, the server
> conformed better to
> the way we expect a server to behave (with respect to showing
> itself in the
> References dialog and self-unregistration) but the server was
> then 64K.
> Finally, researching and eliminating a C runtime dependency
> more than cut
> the size of the server in half.
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