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Agilent Data Capture Default settings

Question asked by JoeB on Aug 21, 2013
I am setting up lab class rooms using what I believe to be the current up to date software

Agilent Data Capture V4.3.0
Agilent Connection Expert 16.3.17218.1

on Win7 (64) Enterprise Edition

for screen capture of experiments for HP 54602B (one lab) and 54645D (another lab)
I have found that I can limit the instrument choices down by leaving only agtDC54600.dll in the 
Program Files (x86)\Agilent\Intuilink\Data Capture\Add_ins directory

Is there any way to make all users default to that instrument and
Com1 @ 19,200 baud with DTR\DSR handshake

So that they can just run the IntuiLink Data Capture to grab screen shots

2 labs, 20 stations in one lab, 17 in the other, and 10 divisions of students in each lab, I am just trying to make it easy to use