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MSO8104A Delta Time Measurement Syntax

Question asked by andyTPE on Jun 6, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2013 by andyTPE
Hello Scopers,

I have an 'old' MSO8104A.  Running firmware 05.50.0001.

I am trying to automate a measurement of the delay between two rising edges on channel 1 and channel 2.

Currently I am using the square ave from the calibration spigot to feed Chan1 and Chan2 and have the scope setup and triggered.  I can manually make the measurement - as exepceted the time delay between the two is ~0 (in the ns noise region).

The problem I have is the measurements does not seem to return a valid result when I query the measurement.

I send the following:

:meas:deltatime? CHAN1,CHAN2

Imagine my disappointment when return value=9.99999e+37 (invalid measurement)

Please can someone let me know what I am missing?  I can make simple single source measurements but am struggling with this one.