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dump screen image from E4406A

Question asked by terryliu on Apr 29, 2014

I am trying to dump screen image form E4406A with command HCOPy:SDUMp:DATA?. It always works and get correct image and turn to error from the 2nd time. An below is the detail info,

1) Send "HCOPy:SDUMp:DATA?" and retrive image, works fine and image is correct.
2) Send the same command again, E4406A says "Printing to file - Please wait" and never changes. 
3) If i try to get image data, then come to error "-420 Query Unterminated". It seems there is nothing for the program to be readed.
4) under this circumstance, the program can read trace data with no problem, but will fail to get image and come to the same error message.

i tried below actions, 
read one more character of 'EOL', but did not help.
use *CLR after getting image data, still did not help.

The dump image program only works when E4406A is restarted or after pressing twice 'Print' hard key. I am thinking of that E4406 may store image data in buffer before sending to host PC, and some SCPI command maybe necessary to clear the buffer, but i was not able to find this command from programmers guide. It also could be E4406A firmware issue? my machine ver is A.04.21.

It is appreciated if any ideas you have that could helps.