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Simulating Inductor from Virtuoso in Momentum (regarding Ports)

Question asked by r2c on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by r2c
I have a layout of inductor, but I also wanted to include of course the effects of current return through substrate, I am attaching simple layout floorplan draft. Red is the conductive ring
connected with yellow vias to substrate. and inside there is an inductor.

I did not quite get the convention of ports when using that layout in MoM simulation in Momentum, here is how I added my ports:
p1 pin with positive reference p1r

p2 pin with positive reference to p2r

The reason it was confusing is that I thought initially that reference has to be negative, but then from docs it seems like it applies in case if I am modeling a differential signaling, which is not the case for me. So, basically what I am literally doing is defining a ground reference as a positive reference for each pin. 

With this setup I got some plots which kind of make sense.

I tried also doing the following:
p1 pin, no reference (assumed ideal ground)

p2 pin, no reference (assumed ideal ground)

In that case what I got is Q factor just growing up... which makes sense in this setup since parasitic effect from current return from substrate is not included. and of course its not a *TRUE* simulation.

Does it seem right?